Organic Bowl 2 - Build Photos

Undulating organic shaped bowl cut out of solid walnut and finished with Danish Oil.

Picture Disk Frame - Build Photos

I was commissioned to build two frames to display a pair of 12" vinyl picture disks. I decided to accentuate the round shape of the disks in the design for the frame. Along with the unusual shape the disks had a design with a cyclops on them so I decided to incorporate a carving on an eye along with the monogram added by request from the customer. You can see the individual pieces that were carved and assembled to create the frames and then finally one of the frames with the glass and disks installed.

Ornate Greenhouse Window - Build Photos

This was a collaborative project with Thomas Philpott Cabinet Makers who had been commissioned to design and build a large greenhouse. as part of this Tom designed an amazing decorative window to fill one of the triangular sections above the entrance. My job was to figure out how to make all the pieces for this part of the frame using a machine only 900mm x 600mm. Below you can see some of the separate pieces being machined and laid out before assemble and install. 

Inigo Jones - Door Book Ends

This was a commission to build two bookends based on a design for a large Italianate garden gate/door designed by by 16th/17th century British architect Inigo Jones. As you can see in the images each bookend was made from 7 seperate carved pieces.

Cherub Window - Build Photos

The customer for this project required an internal window be made to go between two rooms in their house. One room had the 17th century carving you can see in the first picture on display in it. As such I design the window frame to echo the design of the original cherub carving and to also include the quatrefoils which are a feature in the other room. I modelled the cherub in the software based on photos of the original. The engineering for the centre rotating window and the install was done by my associates at Thomas Philpott Cabinet Makers. The last two pictures on the final row show both sides of the finished window

CeorfAmp - Build Photos

These twelve images show aspects of the process used to build the CeorfAmp guitar amplifier. The housing is cut from a mix of oak and beech butcher block kitchen counter top material. This was made in slices which were glued together then I added a front and back rounded section to finish the shape. The small piece at the back houses the batter for the Jam Jar Amps amplifier, electronics and battery. The whole amp is finished with Danish Oil. 

Queen's Award Sign - Build Photos

The six photos below show some of the stages involved in making this two part sign to celebrate Vectric winning the Queen's Award in 2017. The "e" was cut as a two-sided model. The main board was v-carved, then painted and sanded back to leave the white letters. The "e" was screwed from the back and glued to the main board and everthing was laquered to finish. 

Abe Lincoln Death Mask - Build Photos

Below you can see a gallery of 12 pictures that document some of the steps involved in machining and constructing the replica of Abraham Lincoln's Death Mask I made. The process for this involved downloading the 3D file from the Smithsonian Museum's 3D data archive  this was imported in Vectric's Aspire software from 3 different angles and sliced to make the individual components for CNC carving. The pieces were cut out of 40mm thick oak butcher block kitchen work top material. The slices were glued and then I hand finished the edges to blend the parts together and added some detail by hand before sanding and oiling the finished piece. This is a life-size replica of the original death mask. 

Floral Carvings, Twisted Avocados, Caravaggio and the World Cup

A nice eclectic mix of work going on in the studio this week. The first image below shows the finished door panel that I was working on last week, this was installed Wednesday and the customer was very happy. The same customer has also requested a frame to be made for a stained glass window he has. The window has a poppy motif, so I designed a straight section of the frame with poppy flowers and leaves. I cut the sample you can see in the second and third photo for the customer to approve and I'll be carving the frame when we get the actual glass for sizing. 

I cut another bowl design I've been thinking about on Tuesday. This twisted avocado shape has a sloped base so the dish sits on an angle. I cut this in some scrap 60 mm thick Ash and was really pleased with the way it looks and its tactility. You can see the progress of this in the second row of images. I'll definitely be exploring this design further. 

The third row of photos show something I have been working on for a while in the software. Its for an art project I'm creating which will examine elements of belief. This particular model is based on Caravaggio's painting "The Incredulity of St. Thomas". As you can see its a small detail of the whole painting. I cut this maquette to check the model so it can be adjusted, scaled up and cut from separate pieces for the final version. I'm very pleased with how this carved especially as its less than half of the planned size, I also liked the effect of how it sits in the frame with the voids cut out around it. 

The last row of photos are a few unconnected items. The first image is a prototype I cut for a design student from an imported 3D model. The second is a sign for one of the guys in the workshop. The last image is the continued work in progress of the almost double size World Cup trophy I've been slowly hand-carving after initially roughing it out on the CNC. Its starting to look much better but there is still definitely more to do on it...

Door Panels, Cherub Window Installed and Greenhouse Built

This week I mostly worked on four decorative door panels along with doing some design and modelling for future projects. In addition some older projects have been finished and installed and I was able to take photos. You can see these along with the door panels below. I also worked on hand-carving on my giant World Cup trophy (which may or may not be finished before the World Cup tournament)...

The decorative panels are for the back of an entry door. The customer has patterned tiles in the hall where the door will be installed that he wanted me to use as a basis for the design. In the first row of photos you can see the resulting panels I modelled being cut and then in the third photo the panels in the part-finished door. 

The Cherub Window that I carved last year has been installed this week, in the second row of pictures you can see it from the front showing how the window pivots in the middle and then in the 3rd picture on the second row you can see the back of it in the customers library room. The guys at Thomas Philpott Cabinet Makers did a great job with the assembly, the mechanism for the pivot and the install.

In the third row of photos the first picture shows the window frame I cut the parts for the other week which is in the same customers library room. 

Finally the last two images show the greenhouse I was working on earlier in the year and close up of the window I specifically cut - this is now fully assembled and awaiting the glass which should be fitted soon... very cool indeed.