At CeorfanWorks we create unusual products, objects and artworks carved from solid wood. Our aesthetic embraces the technology in our process and enhances the natural beauty and imperfections of the wood. Our best work combines beauty and function and encourages people to want to touch the piece as much as admire its form. The design process starts with pencil and paper from there we embrace the power and accuracy of computer software and the ability to precision carve with our CNC Robot (Igor). Ultimately everything we make is carefully hand-finished to enhance the natural beauty of the wood and ensure heirloom quality. Please take a look around the site, browse the objects in the portfolio and shop or contact us to discuss your own unique commission.


Art & OBjects

We aim to create things that we would like to own ourselves; art to inspire, wooden objects that feel as good as they look and high quality products that blend good design with a dash of irreverence.

Everything we sell is made to create the satisfaction of owning something that provides lasting joy whenever you see or use it or the pleasure of giving someone something genuinely special…



Our commissioned work is extremely varied, ranging from reproductions of antique carvings through to signage and precision prototype parts.

We work with individual customers, other artists, cabinet makers, model-makers etc. We can create original designs based on a loose brief or work precisely to a drawing or CAD files. Our Portfolio shows our previous projects or the Journal shows whats currently in the workshop…


The Mission

CeorfanWorks originated to provide an outlet for our imagination and to satiate a desire to design and create tangible objects.  It was born out of the frustration of working in an industry where others were making interesting and inspiring things but we did not have the opportunity to do so.

It was tentative at first, undecided whether it was to be a hobby or a business but as things evolved we realised we were really enjoying ourselves…


With over 20 years of industry expertise in making artistic relief shapes using CAD software and CNC Routers we also offer services and training to other digital woodworkers, craftspeople and artists. We can provide digital modelling or drawing services as well as training or consultancy on using the Vectric suite of software products. Please contact us using the information below if you would like to learn more about how we can help you either with 3D modelling services or training if your a Vectric Aspire or VCarve user?

Contact Us

CeorfanWorks is located in the UK, in a shared workshop, in a barn on a farm, located in southern Warwickshire. If you would like us to make something amazing for you, have any questions or require our office or workshop address then please get in touch as follows:

Email: Jim@Ceorfan.Works

Telephone: +44 (0)7427 444 760

Social Media: @CeorfanWorks on Instagram or Twitter