Igor (CNC Robot) to the left and James (somewhat human) to the right...

Igor (CNC Robot) to the left and James (somewhat human) to the right...


What do I do? 

I design and make wooden things. My work ranges from art pieces to household objects, whatever I'm doing I look to enhance the beauty of the wood and add something unexpected and often irreverent. 

My process involves designing on paper, then in a computer and finally using a robot (CNC) to do the majority of the carving. Parts are then assembled and hand-finished to create objects that blend old and new and try to make something interesting that provides joy - hopefully not just to me. 

Where can I see your Stuff? 

I share what I'm currently working on, pictures of finished work and announcements through my Journal,  Twitter and Instagram and I have a Shop on the website where you can browse and buy my work. 

Why the name CEORFANWORKS?

Ceorfan is the old English word for cutting or carving, Works indicates a mechanical element, so like my work the idea is the blending of old and new... The name is also a play on words on the expression "Orphan works". 


After training as an industrial designer I ended up working in the CAD software industry for 20 years. While I was able to occasionally design and make things during this time it was not enough. In 2016 I left the job I was in to take some time out and think about a new challenge. I kept coming back to the idea of making things full-time, seeing if I could do this on my own terms and ultimately make it self-sustaining, so CeorfanWorks was born.

In reality it's a combination of a desire to make things, a vanity project and a existential (mid-life) crisis.... Even if it is not self sustaining then I'd still be doing it in my spare time even if I end up with a regular job again. For now though I intend to enjoy it while I see if I can breath life into it. 

The studio (lets be kind and call it that) is located in a barn in rural Warwickshire in the UK where I rent space from and often collaborate on projects with the very talented team at Thomas Philpott Cabinet Makers.

Right now I'm building a portfolio, exploring ideas and developing projects for galleries and web-sales. If you have an idea for a commission or see something that intrigues you please get in touch.


James Booth  - May 2018

E-mail: jim@ceorfan.works

Telephone: +44 (0) 7427 444 760

Anything Else? 

CeorfanWorks underlying aim is to do something positive in the world. A minimum and concrete commitment to this is to give 10% of all profit (as and when this elusive thing occurs) to the main charities recommended by GiveWell. I'd encourage you to check out what they do here.