Igor (CNC Robot) to the left and James Booth (somewhat human) to the right...

Igor (CNC Robot) to the left and James Booth (somewhat human) to the right...

About US

CeorfanWorks originated to provide an outlet for our imagination and to satiate a desire to design and create tangible objects.  It was born out of the frustration of working in an industry where others were making interesting and inspiring things but we did not have the opportunity to do so.

It was tentative at first, undecided whether it was to be a hobby or a business but as things evolved we realised we were making some incredible things and enjoying it thoroughly… so we decided to make it a full-time endeavour late Summer 2018. Now the challenge is sharing what we do with the world and hoping someone likes it enough to keep paying us to do it. Below you can read more about why we do what we do and how to get in touch with us if you have something we can make for you. Thanks for taking an interest.

James Booth - November 2018

What is the Mission?

To create unique wooden objects, products and art along with commissions and collaborations with other individuals, companies and artisans.

Our design philosophy is to look for forms that embrace the technology in our process and enhance the natural beauty and imperfections of the wood. Our best work should combine beauty and function, enticing people to want to touch the finished piece as much as look at it.

We (mostly) choose to utilise the power of computer design to make shapes that are precision carved on our CNC Robot (Igor). This gives a different look and feel to hand-carved objects allowing us to create unexpected and unconventional shapes. We love hand-carved work and for commissions we may use it to add detail or emulate it if a traditional look is required. Ultimately of course everything we make has some hand-finishing, often with hours of sanding and oiling.

Our aim is to create things that we would like to own; high quality items that blend good design with a dash of irreverence. They should provide the lasting satisfaction of owning something really great or the pleasure of giving someone something special. 

We love to describe, discuss and celebrate our processes and influences and share information about what we’ve been making through bi-weekly updates in our Journal.

With extensive knowledge (over 20 years) of making artistic 3D shapes using artistic CAD/CAM software and a CNC we are also happy to teach others how to utilise the software and machinery we work with or provide contract work or consultancy to other users in that environment.

As we look to build a business around our passion it’s essential that we keep a balance between doing interesting work, making money, having fun, spending time with family along with maintaining good mental and physical health.

CeorfanWorks underlying aim is to do something positive in the world. A minimum and concrete commitment to this is to give 10% of all profit (as and when this elusive thing occurs) to the main charities recommended by GiveWell. We’d also encourage you to check out what they do here. In addition we engage in micro-loaning to enable craftspeople around the world to further their businesses, as you can see on our Kiva page.

Why the name CEORFANWORKS?

Ceorfan is the old English word for cutting or carving, Works indicates a mechanical element, so like our work the idea is the blending of old and new... The name is also a play on the phrase "orphan works" - even a cursory look through the Portfolio will reveal a fondness for wordplay…

Where CAN YOU find out More ABOUT YOUR WORK?

We share what we’re currently doing, pictures of finished work and announcements through the bi-weekly Journal entries and also Twitter and Instagram and we have a Shop where you can buy our products and art.

Where are we located?

The workshop is located in a barn in rural southern Warwickshire in the UK where I rent space from and often collaborate on projects with the very talented team at Thomas Philpott Cabinet Makers.


If you would like us to make something amazing for you, have any questions or require our office or workshop address then please get in touch as follows:

Email: Jim@Ceorfan.Works

Telephone: +44 (0)7427 444 760

Social Media: @CeorfanWorks on Instagram or Twitter

Equipment and Influences

Below are links to the software and CNC machine we use as well as some other links to other things we like… feel free to arbitrarily judge us on our choices…

ASPIRE Software - Our amazing CAD/CAM software
Made by Vectric Ltd. 

EXEL CNC SL6090 Pro - Our incredible CNC Machine
Made by Exel CNC



NEIL GAIMAN - Genius Writer and Inspiration (Make Good Art Speech)

GRETSCH GUITARS - Sound and look gorgeous

THE JOHN SOANE MUSEUM - The best museum in the world

LE FORCOLE - Incredible sculpted pieces of pure function

THE HEADSPACE APP - Helping to keep my sane

KING GIZZARD AND THE LIZARD WIZARD - Amazing name, amazing sound

CARAVAGGIO - Madman and genius

HARUKI MURUKAMI - Genius Writer and Runner

LOTUS CARS - The Elise S2 is a perfect blend of form and function

OPETH - Powerful, self-indulgent, overly technical, excellent (also see King Crimson).

TAKANAKA CARPENTRY TOOLS MUSEUM - The second best museum in the world

SHELTER 2.0 - CNC technology being used for good and lovely people too

 To Øl Beer - Fantastic Craft Beer