The Mantel continues, more Cherubs and an Ale Taster...

Due to some unexpected work on a job that the guys I share the workshop with had to attend to this week, we only managed to find a single day to move the mantel assembly along. Although I did manage to find some time in the rest of of the week to do some hand-work on the corbels, capitals and main part of the column to blend the joints and tidy up the carvings. 

As you can see from the photos we continued to glue up the components for the top of the mantel and then measured this to ensure the sizes for the next section are correct. The main carvings were then glued up as a box, I'll hand finish the corners so the design wraps around next week. Then for the very top of the mantel we added a packing block to the main moulding to allow the egg and dart to be attached securely. The other piece of moulding that sits below the main carved panel was also glued so it can be mitred in a single operation.

Schedule permitting we should hopefully get to the final fit and assembly next week. Then we'll be looking at a bit more hand-carving and onto the finishing processes. It is really good to see the sub-assembled pieces coming together and getting a sense of just how complex a piece of work this is. 

During the other days I spent in the workshop this week I modelled a cherub panel which is a another test, continuing the work on the cherubs I completed last week. This weeks panel is based on a 17th or 18th century original. I was very happy with how this test cut and now I'll take them back to the client to compare against the original to make final changes to the model. Then we can decide exactly how he wants them to be used. 

I also delivered a simple ale-taster which you can see in the final picture below. This is designed to hold 6 x 1/3 pint glasses and has a Lazy-Susan mechanism underneath so it can be turned. The client wanted the pub logo engraved into the top and plans to do the same with the glasses so they match. 

To finish with on Friday I had a good tidy-up and re-organisation which is painful but necessary once-in-a-while. Next week I'll sort out the tools etc. and then hopefully won't need to do this again for a while...