A new flock of CeorfanBirds, a giant ruler and the Vectric User Group

I revisited my CeorfanBirds project this week and cut a small flock in Walnut wood -  which is what I'd always intended to make them from. This was a test to see how long it would take to machine and finish a reasonable number. I was able to fit 10 birds into the piece of material and was pleased with how they carved.  I've sanded most of them which is really nice as they are very tactile and next week they'll get some oil to really accentuate the grain. At some point in the future these will become an item for sale in a limited edition run. 

A completely different project is the giant ruler I cut this week which will be a high-end children's measuring chart.  As it's around 1800 mm (approx. 6 ft.) then I needed to do multiple setups on the machine to cut it but my trusty jig worked perfectly again to do this. The chamfered edges were not cut on the CNC but done on a spindle moulder by the guys in the workshop. Next week I'll be doing some tests to work out the best way to finish the letters to ensure nice neat edges and no bleed. 

Otherwise this week I did quite a bit of modeling and prep work on some future projects and made a couple of simple hook brackets for the AK-147 to mount in on the office wall. I am pretty sure now that the AK will remain just a prototype and talking point for now...

On Thursday I attended the Vectric UK User Group meeting. It was novel to be sat on the other side of the desk but I enjoyed the meeting, got a lot from seeing the new features of Aspire V9 demonstrated and as normal enjoyed chatting with other Vectric users and the guys who work there. The only downside of the day was I drank too much coffee and had too many ideas swimming round in my brain so slept terribly that night.