Diary: Mantle Plan and Award Plaque

The summer will see me continue to limit time in the workshop in an effort to do some interesting and fun stuff with the kids while they are on school holidays. Last week we went to the National Space Centre in Leicester and also Kew Gardens - these were both excellent and we all enjoyed ourselves. I took lots of photos at Kew of the many interesting leaves and flowers which I am sure will feature in future work. The beauty of these types of places is the potential for inspiration and my stopping to photograph every few paces only causes minor irritation to the family... 

I did manage a bit of time in the workshop and in between cutting memorial plaques for the relatives of a couple of the guys who work downstairs I also started work on an award plaque for Vectric where I used to work. They won the Queens Award for Enterprise 2017 and are having a celebration of this tomorrow. As such I thought I would make them something to commemorate it. Rather than do a conventional plaque I went for a more unusual shape and decided to take the Queens Award logo "E" and cut it as a dynamic 2-sided sculpture. You can see some images of that in progress below. I should be finishing this later today and will post pictures in the gallery of the completed plaque when it's complete (assuming it looks OK).

The other important item completed last week was a final measure of the place where the mantelpiece reproduction is going to be installed. I have created a mock-up of the complete layout and adjusted it to fit the new location. Now I need to split out the individual pieces and create a cutting list so we can order material for it and start carving. Should be lots more pictures of that over the coming weeks.