Walnut Leaf Clusters, Frames and Key Holders

Work continued on the many parts needed for the Gothic Kitchen this week. I made 30 Walnut 3-leaf clusters which will go on the door panels, you can see these being made in the first three pictures below. I also made a shaped sanding block to help sanding the quilted panels. You can see this in pictures 4 and 5 below. The guys in the workshop have also glued up the wood for the 10 oak posts in the kitchen. So I'll start the process of pocketing those next week so we can glue in the quilted panels and pyramids - they are 2 metres long so will be a good challenge.  

The last picture on the second row below is one of two ceiling-window frames which are going in the library that the guys worked on last year. I cut quatrefoils and chamfered pockets in this to match the decoration in the rest of the room. I also cut the pocketed section in the side which will hold the blind. 

Finally as a one-day project I made a prototype for a magnetic key-holder. This maple block has magnets in the back much like the beer cap catchers I make. The idea is you fix it to the wall and then can just "stick" your keys to it when you come in and pick them off when you go out. It also looks nice as a piece of wall art with the smooth ripple carved into the front. I maxxed out on the magnets so this one works particularly well... I'll aim to finish it on the weekend and put it up so I can photograph it in action.