Ace of Spades, CeorfanBirds & Silhouette Art Experiments

This week is the calm before the storm of serious work starts on the Gothic Kitchen project. As such I took the time to get organised in the workshop and spend a few days working on some more production-type projects. The first of these was an "Ace of Spades" magnetic beer cap catcher. I decided to use some some walnut and ash left from other projects to produce a set of 8 inlayed bottle openers. For these I used a slightly modified V-inlay process to make the spades. I also decided to put the grain direction at 90 degrees to really accent the inlay. This has worked really well (although is harder to sand cleanly), now they just need a final coat of oil on Monday then the actual openers attaching. I plan to put these on sale in the next week or two to see if there is any interest...

In a similar vein I also cut a new batch of 10 CeorfanBirds as can be seen in the third row of images. These are waiting to be sanded and finished then I'll take them round some local galleries and maybe also look for an online outlet to sell them. 

The final picture on the third row shows the gothic kitchen door prototype I made last week with the rails and stiles added to it and the beading in the centre of the top arch. This looks really nice and we're meeting the customer this weekend to discuss the initial models and to start work on the full set of parts. 

Finally this morning I had a couple of hours in the workshop so for my Friday project I made a couple of quick silhouette art experiments using ellipses for one design and a raven outline for the other. I now need to develop more designs, test some finishes and think about installation hardware before I can also start to sell these on the web as well. 

All in all a productive week and I finally feel I'm starting to get into a rhythm although still need to get more efficient with my scheduling to get the most out of my time (and Igor the CNC...)