Gothic Kitchen Protoypes and Beer Cap Catchers

This week I've picked up the Gothic Kitchen project again - this will require a lot of carving over the next couple of months but at the moment I'm making various prototype pieces to test a variety of things before we get into production. We need to confirm the depth of parts, allowances for fit of joints and inlays, cutting speeds for good finish etc. In the first six pictures below you can see the various parts I've been making to check all these parameters.

The three-leaf motif will be used on the drawer fronts in three's then also echoed on the door panels in partnership with some shapes moulding.  At this stage we're not sure if the whole kitchen will be oak or also include some walnut accents, hence the selection of materials I've been cutting. The columns on the kitchen will have a low pyramid shape and a quilted section inlay as you can see in the second row of photos. Working on these has started to answer a lot of questions but there is more to look at next week before we start making in earnest. 

Wednesday I was asked to make a couple more beer cap catchers for some birthday gifts. I decided to use my old design but change the painted area to be a walnut v-inlay instead. I also used Ash wood for the main shape instead of oak and really like the way the grain looks in comparison with the inlay. The photo shows the two I made waiting for another coat of oil.

Finally the last two pictures show a few projects I made for our holiday cottage that I've discussed before such as the black wall art, the shelves, a ceorfanbird and a dish). In addition the "Make Good Art" sign got a coat of oil which makes the letters stand out more clearly as you can see in the last image. To finish the week I had a good clean in the workshop and greased Igor (the CNC) to maximise the chances of a productive Monday morning...