Floral Carvings, Twisted Avocados, Caravaggio and the World Cup

A nice eclectic mix of work going on in the studio this week. The first image below shows the finished door panel that I was working on last week, this was installed Wednesday and the customer was very happy. The same customer has also requested a frame to be made for a stained glass window he has. The window has a poppy motif, so I designed a straight section of the frame with poppy flowers and leaves. I cut the sample you can see in the second and third photo for the customer to approve and I'll be carving the frame when we get the actual glass for sizing. 

I cut another bowl design I've been thinking about on Tuesday. This twisted avocado shape has a sloped base so the dish sits on an angle. I cut this in some scrap 60 mm thick Ash and was really pleased with the way it looks and its tactility. You can see the progress of this in the second row of images. I'll definitely be exploring this design further. 

The third row of photos show something I have been working on for a while in the software. Its for an art project I'm creating which will examine elements of belief. This particular model is based on Caravaggio's painting "The Incredulity of St. Thomas". As you can see its a small detail of the whole painting. I cut this maquette to check the model so it can be adjusted, scaled up and cut from separate pieces for the final version. I'm very pleased with how this carved especially as its less than half of the planned size, I also liked the effect of how it sits in the frame with the voids cut out around it. 

The last row of photos are a few unconnected items. The first image is a prototype I cut for a design student from an imported 3D model. The second is a sign for one of the guys in the workshop. The last image is the continued work in progress of the almost double size World Cup trophy I've been slowly hand-carving after initially roughing it out on the CNC. Its starting to look much better but there is still definitely more to do on it...