Door Panels, Cherub Window Installed and Greenhouse Built

This week I mostly worked on four decorative door panels along with doing some design and modelling for future projects. In addition some older projects have been finished and installed and I was able to take photos. You can see these along with the door panels below. I also worked on hand-carving on my giant World Cup trophy (which may or may not be finished before the World Cup tournament)...

The decorative panels are for the back of an entry door. The customer has patterned tiles in the hall where the door will be installed that he wanted me to use as a basis for the design. In the first row of photos you can see the resulting panels I modelled being cut and then in the third photo the panels in the part-finished door. 

The Cherub Window that I carved last year has been installed this week, in the second row of pictures you can see it from the front showing how the window pivots in the middle and then in the 3rd picture on the second row you can see the back of it in the customers library room. The guys at Thomas Philpott Cabinet Makers did a great job with the assembly, the mechanism for the pivot and the install.

In the third row of photos the first picture shows the window frame I cut the parts for the other week which is in the same customers library room. 

Finally the last two images show the greenhouse I was working on earlier in the year and close up of the window I specifically cut - this is now fully assembled and awaiting the glass which should be fitted soon... very cool indeed.