Finished Inlays and a Quick Sign

For most of this week I've been working on a speculative project that involved a lot of 3D modelling and long machining times. Unfortunately the nature of it means I can't show anything about it at the moment but I am very excited about how the prototype looked - I mention this just to explain the relative lack of what I can show below...

That only leaves a couple of things to show, the first is the finished inlay examples I was working on last week. The first row of images below show a close up of how well this v-inlay process works, the crispness of the edges and corners is marquetry level detail. The middle image shows them after a few coats of danish oil and finally the two magnetic beer catchers with the openers attached. 

The lower row of images show a quick sign I made for our holiday cottage. The v-carving was cut with a 1mm start depth. This over accentuates the design and does merge some small pieces together however it allows the sign to be re-finished and sanded many times without loss of detail to the painted areas. The middle image shows the sign after the letters were airbrushed - this is a new technique I'm trying to reduce the amount of paint applied and ensure its more accurately placed. It worked well but I need to get more fluent with the airbrush. The last image shows the sign after the excess paint was sanded off the top and it had one coat of oil. For a quick turn-around project this came out well and the small amount of paint did save me having to seal the wood first which saved quite a bit of time.