Print Stamps and Long Wine Rack

Had a good week getting re-organised and planning workshop activity for the next couple of months. This did not result in much actual making but did create the probably imaginary feeling of focus... I did manage to get one partial day in the workshop. The main purpose of this was to produce some stamps for the logo for our holiday cottage. These will be used to personalise labels, notes, stationary etc. These are just a simple flat-bottom v-carve (60 degree v-bit) cut into MDF which is not exactly the best material for this application but works well enough and was cheap, quick to access and easy to cut. I ended up making two sets as I forgot to reverse the image on the first set (doh!).

While I was in the workshop Tom asked me if I could cut some holes for a long wine rack he needed for a job they are currently working on. The main problem with this is the part was almost 3m (12 feet) long and my machine is only 900mm (3 feet) long. This would have been straight forward as a pull-through job but I didn't have enough in-feed and out-feed space to fit the piece of material. So four of us picked up Igor the CNC, rotated him 90 degrees and then I re-levelled the legs. Now there was enough room and the cuts were fairly straight-forward. I machined 10 holes them moved the material through 600mm and cut the next 10 - repeating this 4 times in total. Everything came out well and I think I'll leave the CNC in this orientation as there is better access. 

Next week should be back to a full-time effort again, although I that seems to never last long at the moment so I won't get too excited until I managed a month of proper focus and productivity.